How to Download and Install WhatsApp For PC

If we chat with our friends and family using WhatsApp but nevertheless do not want to deal with the awkward keypad of a mobile phone, we have the option to install Whatsapp download for pc. This application is designed to run on any mobile platform, namely Android, iOS, Black Berry, Windows Phone or even in Asha platform, but nothing beats the convenience of a PC when typing quickly.

If you try to do by yourself can become virtually impossible, which is why then we will offer you step by step how to install WhatsApp to PC guide, many people say it’s impossible to do this, but then we’ll show with images and do not worry because it is extremely easy to understand and the process itself lasts no more than half an hour clock.

Download and Install WhatsApp For PC

To Whatsapp download for pc, BlueStack must first Whatsapp download for pc and install it. This is a simulation environment for Android applications designed for Windows and iOS operating systems. Basically, it lets you install and run any Android application without using a phone. We recommend testing more apps with this program apart from that we will install then as it is an excellent test environment and will help us to see more easily how the actual operation of the application from a controlled environment. If we do not like or have a serious bug nothing happens because we are not in your phone.

To Whatsapp download for pc just we will go and select the Windows installer in case we have that operating system iOS or installer if you have a Mac.

While we must install it tick the “App Store Access” box, this is very important, if we do not, we will have to uninstall and reinstall the application because in this way we will not have access to the Google Store and therefore we can not Whatsapp download for pc and install applications from it. Once installed, it will start and we will use our Google account to access the Store within the application.

WhatsApp now time to install, so we must open the Google Store and will filter the application name and seek. It is easy enough, for it simply clicks on the button magnifier orange box and goes.

How to install WhatsApp For PC with BlueStack

Once found we will click on “install” to Whatsapp download for pc and install. We will list the conditions which we must accept and once done, it will start automatically downloaded and installed, only have to wait until we are notified that everything is completed, it will not take too long just a few seconds at most.

Now we have to initialize the application, we can start from the Store by clicking “open” or simply we go to the desk and we click BlueStacks icon WhatsApp, there is little mystery.

Once the application starts we will have to accept the terms and conditions if we want to use the application. When we do, we were asked for our phone number, when we insert WhatsApp not send a text message with the account verification code which we introduce later. Because we have WhatsApp BlueStack settling in and the message is sent to our phone, this will check a fault.

Nothing happens, we simply must try again and this time, WhatsApp call us to our phone giving voice code is an automated message so do not worry.

When the account is verified, we will create us our own, we basically ask if we want to create a profile and give you a “Next”. We may use WhatsApp for a total period of 10 months before they have to pay the application, this period is 10 months trial period has, also is not too expensive.

Adding contacts on pc WhatsApp

Once we have done all we have simply add our contacts and start chatting. As you can see everything is quite simple and takes the step further verification is because we have to do it twice.

If you have we not already recommend doing as it is quite comfortable to use WhatsApp to PC.


Step by step we have to do is: Whatsapp download for pc BlueStacks, install, start, find the app in the Store, download, install, verify the code and ready voice.

WhatsApp for PC is the leading mobile messaging application in the Spanish market and is currently used both businesses and individuals. Whether you want to start a business like you want to chat with your friends, today this application is essential to communicate with people.

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