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The Piriform Software’s has finally released the CCleaner APK compatible for the Windows 10. It has been made and equipped with the latest and new Windows optimizing and cleaning Tools for enhancing the performance of the PC. The fresh built CCleaner app assures 100% compatibility with the Windows 10 – RTM 10240 built also it provides a hold up for the Monitoring of the Windows Edge browse to the qualified edition of the software.

With this newly tailored advanced Pro version of the software, users can now easily handle the Edge Browser and put into practice the desired changes also it enables you to clean the Browser even though it is closed or open.

What the CCleaner used to offer:

  • Optimizing the Google Chrome: Session, History and Cache management.
  • Disk Analyzer with a quick search response.
  • Browser Monitoring [In the PRO version]
  • Systematic System Monitoring [In the PRO version]
  • Classic Cleaning option for the Media Player.
  • Language and Localization feature.
  • Bits of GUI Enhancements.
  • For the most optimized and enhanced working of the Windows 10 the CC Cleaner Apk has made some
  • more features available for the user to experience the whole new optimized service of the Windows 10.
  • Recent changes that have been made with the CC Cleaner App for Android are:
  • New option to skip over the UAC warning (User Account Control)
  • The new CC Cleaner now is compatible and supports the latest Mozilla Firefox 13.0 Beta
  • For a separate cleaning it has a Move Thunderbird Option.
  • Enhanced Aurora History Clean
  • Enhanced Google Chrome Old Saved Passwords Cleaning
  • A systematic Task Detection
  • Improved Bit Defender Cleaning
  • Small Bug Error Fixing

In addition of all these features, the CCleaner Apk has made it much easier for the users of the OPERA 30 with an enhanced and effective cleaning session with its new software. The Piriform has made the CCleaner Apk freely available in the online market for all the users of Windows XP or later.

Download CCleaner For Android

  • First of All, CCleaner Apk is available for Free Download for Android Smartphones and tablets
  • Users can easily Download CCleaner App from Google Play Store but if you want to download CC Cleaner manually then you can go throught below link.
  • Once Download completed, save apk to your phone and click on it
  • Now click on Install. If it says, installation blocked, then go to Settings > Security and Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now click on Install Again.


How to Download CCleaner PC

  • Simply click CCleaner to go to the official website of the CC cleaner.
  • Select the download option. It will take few minutes to save installation file on your computer.
  • After the setup is complete it will ask for permission to run on the OS.
  • Accept the Process and let it install on the OS.
  • After installation, you can simply use it as required.

In the day today day work, we generally download, install, add and remove programs, surf on the internet and many more… The CC Cleaner Apk is the best optimizer and a boost up for your PC’s performance and with its new features it has been able to make a mark in the market as Free Optimizing Tool.

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